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    This will confirm agreement between hereafter know as the “Sponsor” and Natural Bodyz (promoter), that the Sponsor will participate in the OCB Battle For Tidewater & OCB Military Championships to be held in Virginia Beach, VA on September 8th . The terms of the agreement are set forth below:
  • Accepted file types: pdf, png, jpg.
    High Quality PDF, JPG, PNG file of Company Logo or Company Flyer
  • Official Sponsorship of: OCB— Battle For Tidewater / OCB—Military Championships

    Date of the Event: September 8th 2018
  • Terms of payment of the sponsorship agreement are set forth as follows: If payment is not received within the prescribed time, as outlined below, OCB & Natural Bodyz is here by relieved of all responsibilities under this agreement.
    All sponsorship payments are non-refundable. Please return completed form and check to: OCB •Attention: Natural Bodyz •1320 Kempsville rd.• VA Beach, VA 23464
    For more information and to sign up - visit the official website at: www.naturalbodyz.com


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