Natural Bodyz Posing Clinic


Tidewater Virginia, we will cover mandatory posing, posing mindsets, individual posing routines, special posing tricks and learn what the judges are looking for. We will have goodies bags, photos and video for each competitor.

· May 27th – Time: Men 9am – 11am / Women 12 noon -4pm
· Cost $50
· Location – Natural Bodyz Bayside, 1608 Pleasure House Rd. VA. Beach VA 23455

Have you been thinking about competing, but had questions? Were they:
• What are pro tips?
• What are the judges looking for?
• How should I pose to enhance my strengths?
• Have you already competed, but still want to improve?
• Are you a pro who needs to get an edge on the competition?

Don’t miss this opportunity to look better, feel better and do better at your next competition!


Contest Posing Clinic featuring:

• OCB PRO Bodybuilder Chad Havunen
• OCB Bikini PRO Jennifer Gemmer
• OCB Figure Pro Amanda Fallon
• OCB PRO Women’s Physique Ashlea Pittman
• OCB PRO Bodybuilder Patrick David
• OCB Classic Physique PRO James “Cutmaster Flex” Pass
• OCB Male Physique PRO Jerrell “Hollywood” Hill
• OCB Classic Physique PRO James Pass
• OCB Bikini PRO Teresa Johnson



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